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All my chins are home raised with love and handled since birth
they are used to having cats and dogs around their cages - so neither bother them - unless, of course, the dogs happen to be constant barkers - that would upset any chin.

I want prospective buyers to realize that owning a chinchilla is at least a 15 year commitment - some live even longer.   I still have my first litter  He is over 19 years old.  He is retired with another male chin that I purchased in 1997.  Both are relaxing and don't have to worry about some sassy  female telling them what to do or not to do. .  I expect the people getting a chin from me to realize that they would then be considered the new chin's parents and have a responsibility toward that  chin(s)

If you do not have a proper size cage for the chin, I know where you can get a reasonably priced cage - much less than the pet stores. I will only sell to those who have a proper size cage or willing to get one. - check out my links that have 'chin products'  and there is a link for the place for reasonably priced cages

I live in Central New Jersey, USA and sorry  I  do not ship - it is too stressful for my chins and myself

I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone I deem unsuitable for my chins (as in I don't feel the person will properly take care of the chin.) -

 I  will ask you several questions before deciding on where you are a good 'match'  for  my chin(s)

Please  EMAIL   at mtzionchins@aol.com this is how I do my  'interview  of you' - so you waste time with a phone call   I only do email interviews. 

PLEASE DO NOT COME TO MY HOME without a appointment !!

All chins come with pedigree documentation (as much as is known).

Young Chins

Adult Chins 



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for chinchilla information contact MtZionChins@aol.com

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