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Thank you for stopping at Mt. Zion Chinchillas.  My name is  Barb Alton

What is a chinchilla ?? - one of the most delightful creatures God  has created - Sure they are rodents, and many people think of 
rodents as 'yuk' -  but these characters are similar to squirrels  in intelligence and love to run and play.

Chinchillas are the 'clowns of the rodent world' - They can make people laugh just watching them go thru their silly antics.   
 My chins have  all been handled since birth - 

I have been breeding since 1994 and each year I find I love these  little creatures more and more.  So as  to not repeat what has been 
said by 'experts' in the chin world, and for the most up to date  information about chins, go to my provided LINKS  (they say it better 
than I can). -  I  am NOT a pet store - I am a hobby breeder so my 'hours' are when I am home

PLEASE DO NOT  come  to my home  without an appointment -  I will have  to turn you  away -  lets face it - it is too dangerous - not  knowing who you are


Disclaimer:   if you 'Google'  my name  to find if  I have a good reputation as a  breeder    I have to tell you that  I am  Not  the person mentioned.  I am horrified but there is nothing I can do unless I change my birth name which I am not willing to do.  Just looking at me you would know I am not that person.  I am over 60 years old and very much over weight 


Our Mission

Mt. Zion Chinchillas strives to breed the most  people  friendly chins  we can   We breed mainly for temperament
 and, of course,  good health.    My chins come from good pedigree lines -  Chincherub/ Chin-Vet / FurryAnimalsOhMy / Jags/ Ryerson / Whitewoods / Lowcountry / Ritterspach and Gallagher.   I have chins from  RAF / Shoots / Edger Hykes /  Longenecker/Tiffany's Chinchillas and Silkrhein's  lines.  Although my chins have good pedigree lines - remember these chins are my PETS and are treated as such 

About Mt. Zion Chinchillas

Home of (and breeder)    Mt Zion's Quentin - male ebony  color section champ. NY show 2009

Home of (and breeder)   Mt Zion's Poseidon - male ebony  color section reserv. champ. NY show 2012

Home of (and breeder)    Mt Zion's Black Opal - female ebony   color section reserv. champ NY show 2012 

Also home of Jag's Tucker of Mt Zion - violet  male  color section champ. Ohio show 2008

home of Silkrhein's  Xena - female violet  color phase champ. York, PA show 2010

home of Silkrhein's   Silk - female violet  -color phase reserve champ.  State College, PA show 2012

home of Christiane's Andre - male medium ebony  color phase reserve champ. State College, PA show 2012

home of Poetrue's Pets'  Marquetry - male medium dark ebony  color phase champ. NY/NE show 2013

home of (and breeder)  Mt Zion's Kit Kat  - reserve (2nd) champion female of show - extra dark ebony - NY/NE  show 2013

home of (and breeder) Mt Zion's Ashton - male color phase reserve light ebony - NY/NE show 2013

home of (and breeder) Mt Zion's Jael - female color phase reserve dark ebony - NY/NE show 2013

home of (and breeder) Mt Zion's Katydid - Best in show/Grand Champion of show - Atlantic Chapter show 2014

We started back in 1994 with one standard grey and one black velvet breeding pair.  We now have over  50 chins that produce 
about  50-60  kits per year.  Some of our kits are added to our  herd, some are sold as pets, and some to other breeders.  
We are working with several colors - mosaics (all shades)  ebonies (all shades including extra dark) ,tans, ,/violets   and, of 
course, the good old standard grays

we are members of the Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Assoc.   brand name MMZC 

Contact Information

Barbara (Barb) Alton 
email me MtZionChins@aol.com 
electronic mail
Chinchilla  Information: MtZionChins@aol.com

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for chinchilla information contact MtZionChins@aol.com

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